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Eduan Brauhnvieh Sires

The Eduan Braunvieh stud selected just the very best sires for breeding purposes in their stud since regains with serious stud breeding since 2004. This be a summary of the stud sires used recently. Our motto is that only the best bulls available is good enough to breed with.


Jafta represent the Braunvieh breed at the 2011 interbreed phase C competition hosted by Vleissentraal and ARC in Pretoria. He showed extremely well and did the breed proud.
We introduced him to the stud in 2011 and his offspring look extremely promising. Showing good body length and size and his calves are fast growers His first progeny will be offered at the National Sale in Kimberley 2014. We used two of his sons in the stud for a short period. Jafta is a gold merit bull.

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This is a very promising bull sired by Christopher Nampo’s Bacardi and Eduan Una, who produced well known bulls like Eduan Goliat and Eduan Hector. The stud’s show cow, Eduan Impressive, is also from Una. Legend is a medium frame bull showing length of body and good muscling.
Legend’s first bunch of calves arrived in 2013 and looks very promising, already producing gold merit bulls in the phase C performance test.

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We managed to buy this excellent proven stud bull from the Bester family in April 2014. We expect him to do very well in the Eduan stud and his first offspring are expected early in 2015. Watch this space for more news.
Windhoek is a medium frame bull with good body length and depth showing very good muscling and is well-known for easy calving. His progeny at Sussiesdeel is looking very good.
Windhoek was awarded the senior champion-, grand champion bull and supreme championship at the 2014 Vryburg show.

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Wow!!! what can we say about this young star. Probably the best bull to be bred by the Eduan stud. The muscling on this bull is of the best, he performed very well in the phase C test , gold merit with a ADG of 2083 and VC of 5.72. He was mated with a number of females and we look forward to the results.
Jumbo bred as we expected and made a huge impact in the Eduan stud. Three of his sons already made an impact in the breed.
Eduan Jumbo’s Limpopo was sold for a record price of R62 000.00 at the 2013 National sale to the Borman family in Bultfontein.
Eduan Jumbo’s Meneer was sold to Hampie van Zyl of Dibeng and was awarded Junior and Reserve Champion bull at the 2014 Vryburg show.
Eduan Jumbo’s Manifest represented the Braunvieh breed at the 2014 Jakaranda show in the ARC interbreed phase C competition. He was awarded the winner in a very stiff competition, according to the judges. Manifest was also crowned in the Braunvieh section as the Junior and Champion bull as well as the Interbreed Reserve Champion bull.
Manifest will be introduced to the stud soon.
Eduan Jumbo’s Mika will be offered for sale at the National Sale 2014.

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Hector comes from an excellent family on both father and mother side. He shows all the signs to become on of the greats in the breed. He was the interbreed runner up in the Gold cup Vryburg 2010, breed champion, and also phase C interbreed champion. He was sold to the Christoper stud for the record price for a Braunvieh bull on a sale in South Africa. His progeny on Buttermead shows huge potential. Hector is a Gold merit bull.



Bacardi is the Braunvieh bull with the best muscling that we ever came across. He is a son of the well known Nampo and his progeny shows that he was the right choice to be introduced to our breeding plan. He is a gold merit bull and represented the breed at the national phase C class in Pretoria.
Semen available on request.

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Stephanus made a huge impact on the Braunvieh breed in Southern Africa and sired a number of excellent stud bulls, amongst them Nampo, Steve and Tinsly. He was introduced to the Eduan stud in 2008, and already made an impact on the stud. His progeny shows huge potential. Stephanus has excellent length and muscling and already a proven stud sire. He is a gold merit bull
Semen available on request. Registered as a semen donor by the Braunvieh society.



Rilo was the son of the well known Christopher Rick and produced an excellent progeny. From his sons being tested in the phase C test five received golden awards and one Silver. Amongst them Eduan Jumbo and the new star on the horizon Eduan Jafta. Unfortunately he is no longer available for breeding. He was a gold merit bull. View them in the phase C tab.

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Mauzer were selected from the De Villiers stud to support the Sonneskyn breeding in the stud. He is a son of the well known Mauzer in the De Villiers stable. With good muscling he made a good contribution to the Eduan stud and bred heifers like Eduan Honey, Eduan Ivy and others. Unfortunately he got injured and could not breed any further.
Semen of this bull available on request

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 This bull was selected from the Vaaldu stud for line breeding and for its excellent appearance. The bull was bred from the top bloodlines in South Africa. Maxil produced excellent progeny like Eduan Goliat, Eduan Girlie and Eduan Hector. His daughters still form the core of the Eduan breeding females. He was a silver merit bull.

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Eduan Jafta -

Eduan Jafta

Eduan Jumbo -

Eduan Jumbo

Eduan Hector -

Eduan Hector

Eduan Bacardi -

Eduan Bacardi

Beaulieu Duhet Stefanie -

Beaulieu Duhet Stefanie

Christopher Rilo -

Christopher Rilo

AC Cattle-Co Mauser -

AC Cattle-Co Mauser

Vaaldu Maxil -

Vaaldu Maxil

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